Selecting a sunscreen lotion that you’re willing to wear daily is the single most important long-term anti-aging and cancer prevention decision you can make. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), FDA, Skin Cancer Foundation and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) all recommend daily sun protection to prevent the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. The AAD has the strictest requirements with these recommendations when selecting a sunscreen: an SPF 30 or greater, provides broad spectrum protection and is water-resistant.

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Almost everyone owns sunscreen but few are willing to wear it every day, much less reapply every 2 hours. While it is important to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, most people don’t because they dislike the way it feels, smells, or because it interferes with makeup application. Others believe SPF in their foundation or makeup will provide necessary coverage. While makeup and powders with SPF are great to “touch-up” spots during the day, they should not be trusted to provide uniform protection over the entire face (or body). Fortunately, we carry a line of lightweight, broad-spectrum sunscreens for your sun protection needs.

Jan Marini Skin Research’s award-winning broad-spectrum sunscreens provide the highest standards for protection with unmatched wearability. Plus, additional ingredients such as antioxidants and/or hydrators provide enhanced benefits while microscopic oil absorbing sponges help to prevent oil buildup, without any risk of drying to greatly enhance the feeling and wearability with or without makeup for a broad-spectrum face sunscreen you’ll LOVE to wear!


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7 Items