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Jan Marini Skin Research is offered for resale through Physician offices and Spa locations throughout the United States. As an organization, we believe in the value of the patient consultation process that you will be provided from our Resellers which will ensure the right combination of Jan Marini Skin Research products are purchased for the specific clinical needs you wish to address.

For our consumers that prefer the ability to shop via e-commerce, Jan Marini Skin Research has designed this website to purchase our product line direct from company. This website is set up principally for those patients that have the preference to purchase without in-office consultation being required.  

  • Where to Purchase International Locations

    Click here for International Distributors of Jan Marini Skin Research products. If you do not see your country listed, please contact our Corporate office for further product inquiries.
  • Unauthorized Resellers

    There are many unlawful online sellers of Jan Marini products. Protect yourself and only purchase from authorized resellers!