Regeneration Booster

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This patented formulation combines advanced growth factors, peptides and antioxidants to hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve the appearance of texture and overall skin tone.


Regeneration Booster is a patented solution shown to significantly improve the appearance of aging skin. Maximum results are delivered through a combination of advanced ingredients including cycloastragenol, multiple beneficial growth factors and peptides, coenzyme Q10, antioxidants and advanced hydrators.

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When Age Intervention Regeneration Booster was first introduced to the market, I purchased one for myself to make sure the product worked before offering it to my patients. After approximately 1.5 weeks my skin looked well-hydrated, firm, glowing, and I had improved overall radiance. I immediately purchased a large order of Age Intervention Regeneration Booster and held a Jan Marini Skin Research promotion with our JMSR representative. Many of my patients are now using the Booster and are referring the product to their friends and family. I recommend Age Intervention Regeneration Booster to all of my patients.

Lee Ann M. Klausner, MD
Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
New York, NY

When I first started using the Age Intervention Booster I noticed instantly that my skin felt hydrated throughout the entire day. Cleansing and using the booster for a week I could not have been more pleased with the immediate results. Jan Marini Age Intervention Booster is our top seller in our facility and raved by our patients and staff!

Sonya Grishkevich
Clinic Manager VIP Medi Spa
Clackamas, OR

Having worked for an MD who specializes in skin care for the past 17 years I know that our patients come to us expecting immediate results. Age Intervention Regeneration Booster is my favorite Jan Marini product because it delivers immediate results that are amazing. I love the way it repairs and firms the eye area skin as well as giving the face an overall tightening and texture smoothing effect. The Age Intervention Booster is an awesome product that you have to try it to believe!

Tracey Grove, CMA, Esthetician
Office of Alice Adee, MD
Hilo, HI

In the 15 years I have been a Skin Care Professional, I have never tried a product like the Jan Marini Regeneration Booster! After using it for just 1 month I noticed my deeper facial lines and wrinkles disappearing and my skin appeared much plumper. Using the Age Intervention Booster with the Skin Care Management System, I now understand the value of this amazing Nobel winning technology and see why it compliments and accelerates the Skin to look it's BEST! I am hooked for life.

Connie Velarde, Skin Care Professional
Boulder Valley Facial Plastics, Office of Jeffrey Swail, MD
Boulder, CO

After just one week of using Age Intervention Booster I honestly felt like I looked five years younger. My significant other even asked me what I was doing different with my skin because I looked so young. I love the Jan Marini line, and can't tell you how much better my skin looks since I started using it. And that extra boost you get from Age Intervention Booster just makes it all better.

Samantha Aquilina
Phoenix, AZ

I have had access to and used many different skin care products over my 30 years in working in dermatology and most recently in the age-management focused skin care industry. I have used Retin-A for many years and continue to do so. All that being said, Jan Marini's Age Intervention Regeneration Booster is the most outstanding product I have used. I have received more comments on how healthy and "good" my skin looks in the past month (since starting this product) than I have in years. I am 50-years-old. My skin looks healthier, the texture is smoother, hydrated and this gives a general "glow" to the skin that I have not seen with anything else. I intend to use the Booster as part of my daily skin care EVERYDAY . . . no breaks for me!!! This is a product well worth it's weight in gold. It does make a difference in your skin and I truly believe I am receiving benefit at the cellular level, not just extra hydration as one does with many products. I can't recommend this highly enough!!

Jan Pepper
Tulsa, OK

After one week of using the Age Intervention Regeneration Booster along with my JMSR Skin Care Management System products, I noticed more of a glow and smoothness to my skin. I also started receiving many compliments from my coworkers and clients at the spa.

Marilyn (Age 56)
Sioux Falls, SD

I have been using Age Intervention Regeneration Booster for four weeks now and I've already noticed an AMAZING glow on my face! My skin is much plumper and fuller, and has a lot less wrinkles. I am 63-years-old and one of my clients asked me if I had a face lift! The hand that I use to apply Regeneration Booster looks completely different than my other hand, too. The skin tone on that hand is completely even toned and wrinkles are gone. All of my older clients are now buying Regeneration Booster because of MY incredible results!

Audrey Castelo
Stockton, CA

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