Social Media

Download the Social Media Checklist


Start by creating your social media presence now. It is easy to feel like you have to sign up for every social media site, but it is also easy to get lost managing too many sites. Rather than trying to manage too many sites, focus in on the ones that work for you.


Begin by asking your patients/clients to follow you on your social media sites. You probably already have an email list, so start by sending an email blast out to your patients/clients and ask them to follow you. Link to your social media sites on your email blasts. Many businesses now post signage at the front desk, or in treatment rooms, asking for patients/clients to follow them.

Put your staff to work for you. This will be the fastest and easiest way to grow your social media presence. If they talk about it and are excited, your patients/clients will be too! They should actively tell patients/clients to “like” or “follow” your social media sites. Encourage patients/clients to write recommendations on your sites.

Make sure to share your business page with your own friends. And ask them to share it with their friends.

Anytime you create any outgoing printed marketing collateral (spa menus, business cards, postcards, etc.), be sure to include your social media contact info or logos to make it easy for your patients/clients to find you.


Think of your business social media sites as an extension of your brand. Content should be engaging and not just promoting your services. It should add extra value to your patients/clients to keep them coming back.

  • Be sure to post at least once a day.
  • Connect with both your loyal patients/clients as well as potential patients/clients.
  • Educate your patients/clients. Remember, your clients/patients come to you because you are the expert. Your sites should reflect your expertise.
    • Highlight product features and benefits
    • Information on skin care issues
    • Skin care tips
  • Make it personal. Your sites should not just be about the products and services you offer. People want to feel like they know you and your staff. Show them the “real you”. Include pictures of the staff, staff members favorite products, pictures of happy patients/clients, etc.
  • Use to fill gaps in your schedule by posting openings. For example, “We have an opening today at 3 PM. 20% discount if you can make it in!”
  • Offer social media exclusives. Give your followers a reason to come to your social media sites that is different from your website. This can be done with “check-in” specials, social media only promotions, with special codes that can only be found on your social media sites, etc.
  • Promote your open houses, events, parties, seminars, etc. on your social media sites to increase awareness and attendance.
  • Take advantage of our page! “Share” our Jan Marini content on your page. We are always updating our social media pages with exciting content about our products, industry topics, and tips throughout the day and our posts are perfect to share.


This is your opportunity to engage with your patients/clients whether their comments are positive or negative. Responding to reviews is a great way to learn from and build goodwill with your patients/clients. Contacting reviewers should be approached with care – when drafting responses, remember they were written by paying customers that took the time to write a review so how you respond is important. Be sure not to leave questions through any social media site unanswered. If you are asked questions you do not know the answers to, let people know you will find out the answer and then make sure you follow through with the response.