San Jose, CA (August, 2015) – Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. (JMSR), a leading provider of professional skincare and aesthetic solutions, announces the launch of an exceptional new patent-pending anti-aging solution – Marini Luminate Hand Cream. Formulated with fifteen key ingredients including high-tech brighteners, anti-aging technologies, antioxidants, hydrators and soothing agents, this comprehensive and rejuvenating hand treatment visibly improves texture, brightens overall skin tone, decreases the appearance of wrinkles and lightens the appearance of pigment for dramatic hand rejuvenation.

An independent physician study by dermatologist, Dr. Joel Schlessinger, using Marini Luminate Hand Cream twice daily, showed statistically significant improvement in multiple visible signs of UV damage and aging. Subject satisfaction was high with improvement in the appearance of texture and wrinkles observed in 100% of subjects and reduction in the appearance of pigmentation in 96% of subjects.

"Jan Marini has always had the highest standards, along with an impeccable collection of skincare solutions," says Dr. Schlessinger, "and now the addition of Marini Luminate Hand Cream brings them to the forefront of this area as well. We have done many studies on skincare products and this one is remarkable for the high level of results as well as the patient satisfaction. Our study patients were delighted with this product and it has now set a new standard for hand care thanks to the science and devotion of the entire team at Jan Marini."

Jan Marini, CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research states, "The anti-aging hand market is an exciting and growing segment with limited topical solutions. Although there are several treatment and procedure options, there are not any topical solutions proven to address the comprehensive range of concerns faced by consumers. Marini Luminate Hand Cream addresses this void."

Marini Luminate Hand Cream is the third new product launch this year in a new family of Luminate products designed to deliver more radiant and luminous skin. (Marini Luminate Eye Gel in April and Marini Luminate Face Mask in May). Marini Luminate Hand Cream began shipping on Monday August 24th, 2015 and is available through authorized professional JMSR resellers and via the company's website at

About Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc.: San Jose, CA-based Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. (JMSR) is a recognized leader and innovator of professional skin care solutions. In addition to multiple patented formulations, JMSR's track-record of technological firsts includes, but is not limited to, topical TGF beta-1, antioxidant sunscreen, topical resveratrol and cosmetic lash enhancement. JMSR products and its Skin Care Management System are used and trusted by professionals worldwide.