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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jan Marini test its products or ingredients on animals?
Jan Marini does not conduct testing on animals.

Are Jan Marini products tested for safety?
Consumer safety is our highest priority at Jan Marini. All Jan Marini products meet or exceed industry standards for stability, package compatibility, and efficacy. All Jan Marini products are Dermatologist allergy tested.

Are Jan Marini products safe for pregnant women to use?
We recommend that women who are pregnant and/or breast feeding consult their physician prior to using any skin care or cosmetics products.

Why should I buy Jan Marini products from a physician or skin care professional?
Physicians and skin care professionals that sell Jan Marini products can recommend a targeted Skin Care Management System that is appropriate for your specific skin type or concerns, and enable you to achieve optimal benefits from your Jan Marini products.

Where can I buy Jan Marini products?
Use our reseller locater or call us at 1-800-347-2223 for a distributor near you. For our consumers that prefer the ability to shop online, Jan Marini Skin Research has designed this website to purchase the product line directly from our company. JanMarini.com is set up principally for those patients that have the preference to purchase our products without an in-office consultation.

What if I have questions about Jan Marini products?
Please call 1-800-347-2223 and ask to speak to our Technical Support department.

What should I do if I think that I'm having a reaction to a Jan Marini product?
Rarely, mild skin irritation may be experienced after using a Jan Marini product. Immediately discontinue the use of the particular product. If you resume using the product, reduce frequency of applications or use in lower amounts until you are certain that your skin has acclimated. You may also call our Technical Support department at 1-800-347-2223.

If you are having a serious skin reaction, please consult a physician.

Do you offer product samples?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer product samples. However, with our "no hassles" guarantee, you can be rest assured that you can return any product if you are not fully satisfied.

What is the difference between your previous eyelash enhancement products and your latest eyelash enhancement product?
Our most recent eyelash enhancement product release, Marini Lash Eyelash Conditioner, is a spectacular non-prostaglandin formula that contains a proprietary peptide blend. We believe that Marini Lash is our most spectacular lash enhancing formula to date.

Is Jan Marini product packaging recyclable?
All Jan Marini packaging is recyclable. Jan Marini has implemented "green business practices" throughout our company.

How can I become a reseller of Jan Marini products?
Please visit our Reseller page for information about becoming a Jan Marini reseller.