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Unauthorized Internet Resellers

Consumer Warning!

FBI CONSUMER WARNING: Counterfeit Cosmetics, Fragrances Hazardous to Your Health.
"You see what appears to be your favorite brand name on an unfamiliar website. You notice the price is lower than what you pay at your favorite retail location or authorized online dealer. The FBI wants you to know that the volume of all sorts of counterfeit cosmetics coming into the U.S is definitely on the rise. The Internet has given counterfeiters widespread access to customers and because criminals increasing view dealing in counterfeit personal care products as a relatively low-risk crime since many of the perpetrators are located outside the U.S." See the full FBI warning.

The following internet resellers are known unauthorized resellers. These sites have no relationship with Jan Marini Skin Research and many are illegally using Jan Marini Skin Research's copyrighted logos, trademarks and logos.

Jan Marini Skin Research will not vouch for the authenticity or condition of products purchased through these sites or other unauthorized sites and does not take any responsibility for customer dissatisfaction or harm from potentially counterfeit products.

Known list of unauthorized resellers:
ebay (all vendors) - Pretty Skin Store